Monday, 6 June 2011


Mythology tells us that since the time, Adam and Eve, were asked to clear out of heavens after eating the forbidden Apple, mankind has been exposed to pain and suffering.
Hence, along with the language of love and joy, language of pain was born.
The Apple has also been instrumental in development of science.
History of Science  tells us that a certain Mr Newton , after being hit on head by a falling apple,went on to establish certain laws in physics. Most important of them being the third law which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
We tend to differ on this issue.
We have established an institution in Bangalore , India , called Plus at home Lifecare, with the mission to see whether we can be the  equal and opposite reaction to pain and suffering,  the citizens in Bangalore are afflicted with.Yet we find that the suffering and pain is much more than what we are asked to tackle.
so , with due regards to Mr Newton, and the Apple,  we beg to disagree.
We have nurses, who have mastered the language of understanding pain, have developed expressions of compassion, and their acts are poetry in care.
They however, have their own experiences , challenges, and moments, which they need to share, in order that they do not absorb the same pain and suffering, they set out to alleviate.
This blog is a kaleidoscope of their emotions. The names and locations are not true but the stories are.
So, welcome to caring with compassion................

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